Netflix and Chill (By Yourself) Recommendations…


Here are my top 10 TV shows that I started watching on Netflix, watched all the way through (with the exception of #10), and liked enough to recommend to you:

  1. Gossip Girl — Blair Waldorf & THE Chuck Bass were enough to keep me hooked on this TV drama.
  2. Gilmore Girls — My mom and I are literally Rory & Lorelei. This show was feel-good, and it pulled at my heartstrings from beginning to end. (Disclaimer: I was pumped for the revival, but I was so disappointed- it was not my favorite)
  3. Last Man Standing — This is one of the greatest family shows ever! I cannot recommend it enough times!
  4. Fuller House — John Stamos did Full House justice. I never stop laughing when I watch this show, and I binge watch it whenever a new season comes out! (I am still hopeful that Michelle will come back for at least one episode)
  5. 13 Reasons Why — You will not stop watching this show for the sole reason that you will get sucked into whatever Hannah has to say next. The message behind it all is extremely moving: be kind to everyone.
  6. The Ranch — Former That 70’s Show stars coming together for another comedy? Who wouldn’t want to watch?!
  7. Shameless — This show is 100% not for children. After watching it I understand how it got it’s title. It was a complete disaster from beginning to end, but hey, I couldn’t stop watching!
  8. Young & Hungry — Humorous, witty, and tons of fun. Easy to binge watch.
  9. Baby Daddy — ^ ditto.
  10. How I Met Your Mother — I just recently started this from the beginning and it’s such a cute show. I’m excited to finish it! Only 8 seasons left… LOL

• Happy binge watching, Netflix and chilling, and every other verb to describe wasting away your life fan-girling over tv shows! •



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