Simplifying My Digital World…


This year I began my journey with minimalism. Not only did that include simplifying my material possessions, but also the non-material things in my life like relationships, what I’m watching/listening to, and you guessed it… SOCIAL MEDIA!!!

The very first thing I did was delete my twitter.

Why did I do that? Because who really cares what I am doing or what I have to say 24/7… and if you do really care (for whatever reason) you can just ask me about it when we talk in real life.

Next I deleted my Instagram.

I did this because I realized my self worth is greater than the number of likes I got on a selfie. My relationship should not be questioned if I am not a “woman crush Wednesday”, or if my significant other is not my “man crush Monday”. I should not feel like a lesser person due to my followers to following ratio. It is not real, and I did not enjoy how “show-boaty” Instagram became.

Then I deleted my Snapchat.

I got rid of my Snapchat because I didn’t use it that much. It was just digital clutter to me. The only person I ever really snapped was my boyfriend, and I already text him all day long anyways.

The last social media I deleted was Facebook.

Honestly, this was the hardest social media for me to delete because it was the last platform I had to keep in touch with a lot of family and close friends.  I only had around 80 friends… but I decided to delete Facebook when I realized that if someone was truly apart of my life, they would share their important news with me personally.

Finally, I decluttered my ENTIRE iPhone.

I went from a phone full of apps and connections to a minimal and organized digital space. The result?… 22 contacts and 25 apps remaining. I wanted to start living intentionally so I set my phone up to where I do not feel tempted to stare at it all day. Here’s a closer look into my decluttered digital set up:



I cannot honestly say that I wasn’t hesitant to get rid of my social media…

I mean, come on. What if I missed out on something important? What if I had something I needed to share with everyone?

News flash: I didn’t. And another thing… no one noticed I was gone.

It’s a weird feeling. When you’re online everyone makes you feel special, like you’re part of the group. They take the time to reach out to you because you’re right there in their space… because it’s convenient and easy for them.

After a while I began to realize people weren’t curious where I was or what I was doing. No ones lives had stopped in a panic search for me. Birthdays and holidays passed, and less and less people reached out to me.

I know what you’re thinking… this is really sad. She must be really lonely. But it’s not sad, and I’m not alone. Now that all of that digital clutter is gone I feel more fulfilled than ever before. I find my value in God. I cherish my real life relationships- and although they are smaller in number, they are larger in love. I spend more time sitting outside than I do on my phone. I don’t mindlessly scroll while I’m at a restaurant. I don’t go to extreme lengths to get the perfect Instagram picture.

I’m actually living my life… and I wish I had done it sooner.


22 thoughts on “Simplifying My Digital World…

  1. I didn’t grow up living constantly showing off our lives in an instant. Actually connecting and having friends who value the highs and lows in life is more valuable than a bunch of likes.

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  2. This is a great post! And a great reminder! We all need to spend more time living the lives in front of us rather than being “social” on social media!

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  3. This is awesome. I know I need to cut down on the apps on my phone. I am a bit if an app junkie and if I really go through and on keep what I need, I would probably have about 15 to 20 apps that I really use. Thank you for showing me that it is ok to delete these apps and disconnect from social media and be ok. 🙂

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