10 Things All TRUE Miley Fans Can Relate To…


1. You cant stand the bandwagon fans!

You are so tired of hearing that the “real” Miley is back… Yes, you also agree that Miley is at such a great place in her life right now. Her music is bomb, she looks beautiful in her Malibu video, and you’re pumped for what she’s going to bring to the table next. But Miley has always been successful and had a wonderful heart. She has been Miley from the beginning- she never left. She was just changing and evolving like everyone else does in life.

2. You totally miss the Miley and Mandy show.

If you’re a real fan you never missed a single video that was uploaded. Seriously, this YouTube duo was so adorable and silly… their laughs and dance moves will always hold a special place in our hearts.

3. You really don’t know what the big deal about the 2009 KCAs was.

Go back and watch it on YouTube… it was not as dramatic as everyone on the internet made it seem. (Not compared to the 2013 VMAs at least… Lol)

4. Crying at the last Hannah Montana episode was totally acceptable.

4 tv seasons, 1 movie, 4 albums, 1 tour, and countless tv guest appearances later…. an empire ended… we just needed some time to grieve, okay? (I was a mess)

5. You wouldn’t even think about missing out on her most iconic tours.

You already have both the Hannah Montana Meets Miley Cryus & Bangerz tour under your belt… And you know she’ll be touring in 2018- so you can bet your bottom dollar that you will see her then too!

6. Your first break up was also Miley and Nick.

Nick Jonas, you not only shattered Miley’s heart… but you broke ours too. Luckily we’ve all moved on from the whole ordeal. But for the record- “7 Things” is always going to take us back to that young love. #NileyForever …Just kidding… we are totally gushing over Miley and Liam!

7. When Noah started singing you felt like a proud big sis, too.

Okay, but seriously… it feels like yesterday she was guest starring on episodes of Hannah Montana. Now Noah is all grown up- so professional and fashionable. So many feels.

8. You have written Miley a fan letter.

Are you even a true fan if you did not pick up a pen and paper, pour your heart out, sign, seal, and send that letter all the way to a P.O. box in LA for absolutely nothing? Of course she isn’t going to write back… but hey, can you blame 11 year old me for trying?

9. You could win a game of Miley trivia.

You know her birthday, can name all of her siblings, how many pets she has, every detail of all her tv work,what her real name is, her past boy drama, etc… reading her book, magazine articles, and watching all of her interviews has prepared you for this.

10. You wish Miley nothing but the best.

You basically feel like she is your long distance friend (it’s not weird ok?). You’ve been with her since the audition tapes for Hannah Montana, and you’ve stayed right by her side ever since then. You celebrate her accomplishments and cheer her on despite what the haters say. You’re a TRUE Smiler forever.


2 thoughts on “10 Things All TRUE Miley Fans Can Relate To…

  1. As the mother of six women, I recognized her crazy phase for what it was… individuation. Just because you are famous doesn’t mean you skipp all the growing up. She is an awesome talent.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow! Mother of 6!? That is so unique and wonderful.💖 Great to hear a perspective from a mom who isn’t shaming her for growing up. —Emily Ryann


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