A List Of Things That Make Me Happy…

(In no particular order)


  1. Writing my blogs
  2. Freshly painted nails
  3. Pool days
  4. Cold Stone’s Cake Batter ice cream
  5. Crisp autumn weather
  6. My boyfriend
  7. Binge watching Netflix
  8. Secluded beaches at sunset
  9. Polaroid pictures
  10. Cats (especially mine)
  11. Hangin’ with my gal pals
  12. Crusin’ with music up and windows down
  13. Pay day
  14. Listening to & watching thunderstorms
  15. Pinterest
  16. Cuddling
  17. Sitting outside on a beautiful day
  18. Disney everything (especially princesses)
  19. Alone time
  20. Funny posts on the internet
  21. A great nights sleep
  22. Quality time with my mom
  23. Going to the movies
  24. Smooth gel pens
  25. My family farm
  26. Christmas time
  27. Saving money
  28. Fireplaces
  29. Worshiping God
  30. Genuine laughter
  31. The feeling after a workout
  32. Flannel pajamas in the winter
  33. Making lists
  34. Trips to Kentucky
  35. YouTube videos
  36. Holiday decorations
  37. iPhones
  38. Weekends/long breaks
  39. Fresh sheets
  40. Scrapbooking
  41. Home cooked meals
  42. A sky full of stars
  43. Target
  44. Romance
  45. Apple Music
  46. Getting good grades
  47. Decluttering
  48. Fall scented candles
  49. Small towns
  50. Followers/comments/likes on my blog — thank you for all your love & support! 💕

15 thoughts on “A List Of Things That Make Me Happy…

  1. Love your list! I can definitely relate to a lot of these–spending time with my boyfriend, blogging, lazy Sundays and meeting new friends are some of my favorite things at the moment

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