30 before 30…


Below, I have compiled a list of 30 things I would like to experience before I turn 30. I am so excited to share my adventures with you and cross things off this list throughout the years!
  1. Study abroad in Costa Rica
  2. Earn my masters degree
  3. Get a big girl job
  4. See Miley on tour again
  5. Delete my facebook
  6. Get engaged
  7. Buy a house
  8. Get married
  9. Go back to California
  10. Honeymoon in Hawaii
  11. Scuba dive
  12. Swim with dolphins
  13. Weekend getaway with my mom
  14. Shark cage
  15. Cubs game at Wrigley Field
  16. Start a garden
  17. Visit the Grand Canyon
  18. Adopt a kitten
  19. Go to the Mall of America
  20. Vacation in Ireland
  21. Participate in a marathon
  22. Visit Las Vegas
  23. Camp on the beach
  24. Go to Alaska
  25. Voice a Disney princess *dreaming but still*
  26. Stand on the 4 corners
  27. Stay in a treehouse hotel
  28. Continue to grow in my faith
  29. Keep blogging
  30. Have children

41 thoughts on “30 before 30…

  1. I love your list! We have some similar things in common especially Miley on tour lol. If you’re ever in Jamaica, they have this stunning treehouse hotel called Kanopi House. Haven’t been myself but it’s on my list as well.

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    1. I will do an update on my 30th, and maybe a progression post on my 25th… I will say I’ve crossed a few off already though!😉 —Emily Ryann


  2. We went camping on the beach last Thanksgiving. It was great fun until the tent almost got washed away. 🙂 We’re planning on a Grand Canyon trip next summer.

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    1. You definitely need to keep me posted about any tips you have after you go to the Grand Canyon! That will be amazing, enjoy!😍 —Emily Ryann


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