What’s In My Grad School Backpack…


School is right around the corner… I’m so excited because this is my first official semester in my grad school program!

I did take a couple classes online this summer, but now that fall is here I’ll actually be going to class! (I love back-to-school if you couldn’t tell)

Here is what I keep in my grad school backpack! What’s in yours?!

Lighten Up Large Backpack in Pink Swirls – Vera Bradley (I have had this bag for 4 years now and it still looks brand new! It was such a great investment.)

Weekly planner – Barnes & Nobles

2 inch binder – Target

5 subject dividersTarget (inside the binder)

Notebook – Target

12 pack of Pilot G-2 07 pensTarget

1 mini ruler – Target

Pen bagTarget 

2 mechanical pencilsTaget (came w/ multipack)

1 highlighter Target (came w/ multipack)

1 Laptop w/ Charger  Best Buy

Emergency pouch Thirty One (Inside: small hairbrush, nail clippers, gum, small lotion, hand sanitizer, Tylenol packs, & feminine products)


33 thoughts on “What’s In My Grad School Backpack…

    1. Haha that’s so funny! I have to stop myself from buying all the pink school supplies when I go shopping (it doesn’t work out to well I still buy it🤫). —Emily Ryann


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