2017 Fall Decor Haul…


It’s the (other) most wonderful time of the year… FALL!

Not only is this my favorite season, but I also adore the decor that comes along with it.

With that being said- welcome to my 2017 fall decor haul!



First, I want to share with you my accumulated fall decor thus far:

  • My pumpkin blanket, small jack-o-lantern, and “thankful for” board sign came from Target.
  • My garland, two glittery pumpkins, and football turkey came from Michael’s.
  • My two brown frames, and two small candles came from Walmart.
  • My marshmallow fireside candle and candle holder came from bath and body works.
  • & Finally, my gold frame, package of leaves, small bail of hay, two packs of string lights, two glass pumpkins, three shiny pumpkins, and home sweet home sign came from the dollar tree!




I currently live at home while I am working on my masters degree. I am saving money so that in a few years when Troy and I are married we can buy our first house! (You do not even understand how excited I am to decorate an entire house!!!) But for now, I just decorate my bedroom.

I do not set all my decor out at once. Some pieces I wait until a October and November to set out because I feel like they work better for specific holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving.

The photos above show exactly how I set everything up (minus my backwards bachelors degree on my dresser for privacy reasons). I have accumulated all of this decor over the past two years, and I have not paid more than $15 on a single item!

My most expensive item was my pumpkin throw blanket (Target- $14.99), and my cheapest item was my Pumpkin Spice mini candle (Walmart- .94 cents). My advice for holiday decorating is to always shop at bargain stores, use coupons, and wait for sales!

Happy decorating! XOXO 🎃🍂🐿🍁


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