My Top 5 Youtubers…


1. Megan Hickman – Love Meg

I have been watching the Love Meg channel for about two years now, and she is hands down my favorite personality on YouTube. Megan is an outstanding wife, mother, and Christian woman. Her videos consists of everything from home decor, to family vacations, to massive hauls! I would consider her content to be “lifestyle” since she has such a wide variety.


2. Kathryn – Do It On A Dime

Do It On A Dime is the most recent channel I have been watching on YouTube, but I’m obsessed! If you’re into frugal living without your items looking like they’re cheap- then check Kathryn’s channel out! Every time I watch her videos I feel like I need to go to the dollar tree… Lol!


3. Tiffany – Tiffany Marie 

Tiffany is a smaller youtuber who has a lot of content relating to minimalism and healthy/intentional living. I adore her soft and sweet personality. You can tell by her videos that she is very passionate about what she shares in her videos!

4. Sadie – Sadie Robertson 

You may know her from the television show Duck Dynasty, but on YouTube Sadie is just a young girl sharing the gospel. She is upbeat and fun, but she can also get very serious. You can tell how down to earth she is and how much she loves God. I enjoy listening to her speak the truth.

5. Faith – sparklyblonde1

Sparklyblonde1 is another channel I recently started watching and something about it just keeps me intrigued!  Faith doesn’t show herself in a lot of videos, which I think is a refreshing change of pace compared to some other youtubers. She makes videos about her home decor, hauls, and her adorable animals! Her style is adorable- I am not able to quit watching!

Who are your favorite youtubers?!

Leave a comment below… XOXO


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