My College Experience…


In the fall of 2014 I moved into my freshman dorm and life officially changed forever.

First let me start off by giving you some background information: my university is a small private college 25 minutes from home, I was living in a one person dorm, and I was in a long term relationship with my high school sweetheart.


I did not want to live at school. I am a home body. Nothing about living in a single room with a shared community bathroom was appealing. My parents really pushed me to try it though, because they wanted me to get the “full college experience”.

I moved in, and it was a blast decorating and picking out things for my for my new dorm… but  I was not a fan of campus living. The dorm food was not healthy, girls on my floor were loud (drunk) in the middle of the night, and the boys who lived above me bounced basketballs at 3am. I went home (and stayed home) every single weekend.

Second semester rolled around and the weeks felt like years until the weekend would come and I got to go home. I missed my bed, my cats, and of course my boyfriend. I needed to find something to do with my time before I went insane.

Here’s the part where I go Greek

You all know I’m not a party girl, but I still wanted to have friends and be involved. I had the grades to go through formal recruitment, so I did. I kind of wanted to go Greek, and I also kind of didn’t care. However, I am the kind of person that will wonder what could have been if I did not at least try.

Recruitment was exactly what speed dating hundreds of girls would look like. It was exciting and nerve-wracking. I was drawn to the sisterhood, the philanthropy, and all the cute matching shirts (lets be honest). On preference day I had to make the decision between Kappa Delta and Zeta Tau Alpha (I am a KD legacy, btw)… and I WENT ZTA!

I felt that ZTA was a great fit for me. I liked the girls a lot and really resonated with their values. I am going to be honest- at first, it is really tough making friends (especially in a big sorority). But the more involved I got, the more I clicked with small groups of girls. My favorite experiences in ZTA were mother/daughter weekends, breast cancer awareness events, and of course getting my little!


Sophomore year I moved back home (thank GOODNESS). I took a full semester of summer classes both years during my undergrad with the intention of graduating a full year early. A lot of people cringe at the thought of leaving their university a year early, but I was almost positive  I was going to get my masters degree there too. I really wanted to bust through all my classes (undergrad & grad) as fast as possible so that I could get a big girl job and start my life with Troy.

JUNIOR/SENIOR YEAR (Really senior year because I graduated in 3 years)

Senior year I was drowning in work, graduate school applications, directing a middle school cheerleading program, and working. I did a lot less with my sorority, but honestly I was okay with that because at this point I was ready to be done with everything… I was exhausted. But let me tell you, when May rolled around and I was handed my diploma- IT. WAS. ALL. WORTH. IT.


Overall, I love my university and I have made valuable memories there. My advice before starting your first semester of college is to know what kind of person you are, set goals for yourself, and embrace new opportunities.


Currently I am enrolled in my MSE School Counseling program at the same university, and I still live at home. My anticipated graduation date is May 2019. I love my program and I am completely content with how things are going! 🤓📚📝🎓😌

What was your college experience like?!

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3 thoughts on “My College Experience…

  1. You University life actually sounds like a college rom com! Its sad that in the UK the culture and way of life at University on a complete different spectrum to Americas. I actually hated my University experience. I didn’t make any friends and I left after two years without completing my degree. I didn’t like it at all. I suppose it isn’t for everyone but I am glad you had an amazing experience!

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