I’m Feeling 22…

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On New Year’s Day, I turned 22 *cue T Swift’s song*! My birthday was truly a perfect day from start to end. The Lord has given me so much to adore in this life- all glory be to Him.

I wanted to share my special day with all of you! So consider yourself invited… to my 22nd birthday partaaaay!😉🎉

First thing that morning, I spent quality time with my mom… aka the sunshine of my life… aka the greatest human I know.

Next, my mom, sister in law, fiancé & I all went to BD’s Mongolian Grill… which is one of my favorite restaurants! The cooks sang to me when they saw my “birthday princess” button! I can still hear it now: “H-A-P-P-Y, it’s your birthday, have stir fry!” And our server made me this awesome tinfoil birthday bow (which I wore the entire meal, thank you very much)!

After lunch, I went home and had a small birthday party with my parents, my brother and sister in law, and my fiancé. My cake was so sprinkly, my candles were glittery, and my plates were shiny… what more could I want?!

IMG_9332.jpg To end my evening, we spent some time with Troy’s family. And finally *drum roll, please*… I saw THE GREATEST SHOWMAN with Troy & my best gal pals! The film was spectacular!

That night I layed in bed… reminiscing on what a wonderful birthday I had, and what a wonderful life I have. The older I get the years seem to be going by faster, and the blessings seem more abundant.

Happy 2018, everyone!

All my love, Emily Ryann.💖


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