Trusting The Lord…

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I have to tell you guys that for quite some time I had been struggling with a pretty big (in my opinion) decision.

Mid-last year I had the opportunity to sign up for a study abroad trip to Costa Rica fort this July. Immediately I signed up because it sounded amazing, and I knew I probably would not get the opportunity to go to Costa Rica again for such a great price.

A few weeks after I signed up, fear set in. Fear of the unknown. Fear of not being in control. Fear of separation.

I have to tell you all, I am a home body. I do not like to be away from the people I love… especially my fiancé (and of course, the trip is during his birthday). I juggled with the thought of skipping the trip or pushing myself to go.

I started to drive myself crazy with overthinking… so I decided to pray about it. I asked God if I was supposed to go. I asked him if this trip would benefit me and help me grow. I asked him to show me a sign, or give me some sort of inclination of what I was supposed to do.

That same night I read my daily devotion:

“You wrestled and tried to plan every possible mishap or control every outcome to avoid mistakes. You are not alone, Moses did the same thing. Have faith, God does not ask us to do things we cannot handle. He will go before us and make way for courage, confidence, and peace if you trust him.”

WOW! I mean c’mon, there is no way that was a coincidence!

From that moment on, my decision was made. I know it will be way outside of my comfort bubble… but I have to go where the Lord leads me. I really believe that God had this planned for me, and that he will use me on this trip.

I am so excited for my upcoming adventure in Costa Rica! My passport just came in the mail and the trip details are being finalized as we speak!

I can’t wait to share this experience with you all.

Are any of you taking a trip this summer?!

Tell me about it in the comments below!

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11 thoughts on “Trusting The Lord…

  1. I’m so excited for you – the trip sounds like an incredible opportunity! I love that passage – I’m going to copy and paste it to my notes to read for whenever I need to make a big decision. xx

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  2. That is so encouraging! Isn’t it awesome how like devotions or Bible-reading time is right on topic to what we’re feeling? That happens to me so much and it’s always amazing! I hope you have an absolutely epic time in Costa Rica!

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