6 Year Anniversary…

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For those of you who don’t know, I am engaged to my high school sweetheart, Troy! He’s my super hot, hilarious, best friend that I enjoy kissing.

Here’s a little rundown of how it all went down:

We were best friends throughout middle school and then in the summer of 2010 before we started high school he told me he was in love with me.

But we were still young and figuring things out… so we didn’t start officially dating until April 21st, 2012.

5 years and 8 months later, he asked me to marry him. OF COURSE I SAID YES! Actually, my exact words were “I GET TO BE YOUR WIFE!!!”

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Throwback to 2009 when Troy & I were 7th grade besties!

Here are some random facts about us:

We Met: In 7th grade math class

We dated for: 5 years & 8 months

We have been engaged for: 4 months

On our first date: We had spaghetti for dinner with his family at his house

Our first kiss: Was in the mall

Here are some random facts about Troy:

His favorite restaurants are: Buffalo Wild Wings, & Red Robin

His favorite drink is: Diet Mountain Dew

His favorite sweets are: Anything chocolate… cake, ice cream, & Hershey pie

His favorite tv shows are: Entourage, & Drake and Josh

His favorite movies are: Fever Pitch, & Entourage

In his free time he likes to: Play video games

His fears are: Being unsuccessful, & spiders

His goals are: Living a successful, healthy life with his fiancé (aww💕)

His passions are: Sports

His pet peeves are: Unnecessary cursing, & baby talk

He would like to travel to: Ireland

His favorite things about “us” are: We are open with each other, we always take each other into consideration, we have good communication, & we’re genuinely best friends (OMG- So cute!☺️)

Here’s how we celebrated the best 6 years of our lives so far:

Troy and I did not have this day planned out. We decided not to do gifts because, like I said in last year’s anniversary blog, we prefer experiences together over material gifts. However, he did bring me a slushie when he came to pick me up (brownie points for Troy).

First thing yesterday afternoon we drove into town and as we drove we talked about what we wanted to do that day. Which was basically a lot of “You pick”… “No, you pick”! Then Troy got hungry, so we went to Burger King and sat in the parking lot watching traffic as he ate lunch. Honestly, I could watch paint dry on a wall with him and still have a great time.

Then my mom called us and she asked us if we could come home and help her look for Bella (one of my cats). In our family, our pets are very valuable members… so everyone was really overwhelmed and worried trying to find her. We looked for 2 hours! We searched the entire house up and down and even went around our neighborhood. When we returned home from searching the neighborhood, she was sitting at the top of our stairs just looking at us- and we still don’t know where she was hiding!!! But all that matters is that she was safe and in our home.

Once we found Bella, Troy and I went back to his house to watch the first Super Troopers movie because I had never seen it. We cuddled as we watched the movie and enjoyed our relaxing afternoon after that rigorous cat search.

Around 6:00PM that evening we went to Red Lobster for dinner. I love this restaurant, but Troy doesn’t enjoy seafood so he just gets steak. I had shrimp linguine Alfredo, a side salad, cheddar biscuits, and a strawberry daiquiri! I think it is so sweet that he is willing to go eat there even though it isn’t his favorite. Dinner was delicious!

As we were eating, two of Troy’s buddies called him and asked if we wanted to go play putt-putt with them- so after dinner we did! I almost beat all three of the boys, I only lost by one stroke *pats self on the back*.

We had planned to meet up with one of our close couple friends to go see Super Troopers 2 that night, and the two friends we were putt-putting with were going to the exact same movie… so we all went together! The second Super Troopers was funnier than the first one (but beware there is unnecessary nudity in one scene). Finally, to end our night, all 6 of us went back to one of our friend’s house and played board games until 3AM.

We had a wonderful anniversary. It was casual, fun, and we got to spend time laughing with each other and hanging out with friends. These past 6 years with Troy have been the best 6 years of my life. It’s crazy to think that we only have one more “dating” anniversary to celebrate until we get married!

I am one lucky girl. 6 years down, forever to go.😍💍

Flash-forward to yesterday on our 6 year anniversary!

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