A-Z of Emily Ryann…


A is for Autumn

Autumn is my favorite season… it is beautiful, it feels great outside, and I am in full on holiday mode! This is my favorite time of the year to decorate, too!

B is for Blogging

I never thought that when I started writing a year ago I would love blogging the way that I do. I have a passion for this and I hope this is something I continue to do for a very long time.

C is for Compulsive

I am extremely organized. I am a planner. I am a compulsive type A personality.

D is for Disney & Decluttering

I’m the lost Disney princess… you found me! In all seriousness though, my dream job would be to voice an animated Disney princess.

Decluttering is also something I wanted to stick in here because minimalism really changed who I am as a person. As I have gotten older, I realize that material possessions don’t define who I am, and they won’t be coming with me when I leave this earth.

E is for Eating

Who doesn’t enjoy eating and trying new restaurants!? Food is great.

F is for Fiancé

I may be biased, but mine is the greatest. I’M IN LOVE, I’M IN LOVE, AND I DON’T CARE WHO KNOWS IT!!!

G is for Grandparents

My grandma and grandpa mean so much to me. I cherish the time I get to spend with them.

H is for Hawaii

Hawaii is where I’ll be honeymooning next fall!!! I used to live there. I am thrilled to go back and show Troy all of the fun and beauty this paradise has to offer.

I is for Introvert

I am a super bubbly and friendly person, but I prefer small groups of people and relaxing at home.

J is for Jesus Christ

My Lord and Savior. His love is my identity. I am who I am because He lives.

K is for Kentucky

My home away from home. Kentucky is such a beautiful state, and my grandparents live there!

L is for Loyal

The older I get the more loyalty means to me. The most important thing in my life is that I am loyal to God, my fiance, my family, and my friends. If loyalty is not reciprocated, then I won’t keep you in my life.

M is for Mom

She’s my favorite human.

N is for Netflix

I prefer subscriptions like Netlfix and Hulu over basic cable. Nothing beats curling up in bed after a long day and watching Netflix! Plus… commercials are the worst.

O is for Ohio

Ohio is my home and will be forever. I want to travel, but I also want to come back when I am done.

P is for Pets

I have four cats: Boomer, Hooter, Bella, & Butters. I love how low maintenance they are and how affectionate they each are in their own unique way.

Q is for Quiet

Because I am introverted, I need peace and quiet (at home and when I sleep). Noise can really overwhelm me at times.

R is for Romance

I’m a sucker for love. My love languages are physical touch, words of affirmation, and quality time.

S is for School Counselor

This fall I start my internship at a middle school. And as of next May, I will have my Masters of Education in School Counseling!

T is for Theatres

I love going to movie theaters! My fiance and I have movie pass, and it is the best thing since sliced bread.

U is for University

I may have had a love-hate relationship with my University during my undergrad… but now that I’m in my graduate program- I love every second of it!

V is for Volkswagon

I have a light blue 2012 VW Beettle. His name is Herbie and I adore him. Fun fact: I won best car as my high school superlative!

W is for Wedding Planning

I’ve gotten a majority of the “big” stuff done for the wedding, but the detailed planning will start this October!

X is for Xanthoriatic

A word meaning: not that smart in one area, but good at everything else. My “one area” is math.

Y is for Young

I am 22, but people always assume I am much younger than that.

Z is for Zero Tolerance

I have zero tolerance for bullying, being rude/stuck-up, slobs, and people who shove political opinions down other’s throats.

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