Benefits of Modesty…

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Hello everyone! Today I’m going to share a little bit of insight on my experience with modesty.

I’m going to be completely transparent, here… because no one is perfect. I STILL FALL SHORT!

As a young high school girl, I chose to dress less modest than I should have. I was becoming a woman and trying to figure out who I was. The pressure of fitting in and wearing what was trending was beyond real.

When I graduated from high school my relationship really grew with the Lord. I have always been a Christian, but something changed inside of me (for the better) and since then my life has been different- in the best possible way.

As I actively walked with the Lord, my perspective on things changed. The media I watched, the music I listened to, and even the clothes I wore…

In no way am I trying to shame anyone or point fingers and judge. That is not my job.

I write faith based blogs to share my own personal experiences, and to connect with others who may be touched by these same topics! With that being said, lets get into the main points!👍🏼

Below are some benefits (according to me) of dressing modestly:

You save money!

Most things that are currently trendy (especially now that it’s summer) are not very modest. And because it’s trending, that means it is in high demand, which means: prices go up.💰

You are more comfortable!

Not having to pull your shorts down, or pull your top up and then pull it back down… ugh, it even sounds exhausting.😓

You feel more confident!

A lot of people may rebuttal this statement, because women nowadays are praised to wear less and less. However I believe that you can still be beautiful and feel sexy, while being modest. FACTS! Our bodies are meant to be shared with our husbands/wives. Save your less-clothed confidence for the bedroom!😉

You make better impressions!

No one wants to run into their boss at the grocery store wearing a revealing outfit…. Awkward. ‘Nuff said.😳

You respect yourself, your spouse, and YOUR GOD!

I mean if this point isn’t the icing on the cake, then I don’t know what is!? I am not an object to be gawked at by random men. I am a child of God and I am worth more than that. Know your worth… and then add tax.💖


What are some of your favorite modest styles for summer 2018?!👗


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9 thoughts on “Benefits of Modesty…

  1. I have to say that I feel more confident when I’m wearing whatever I want, regardless of it being “modest” or not. When I was younger I used to overthink everything I wore, I cared way too much about people cared. I realized that I couldn’t go on that way. Now I wear exactly what I want. I love wearing my crop tops and short shorts. There’s power in feeling comfortable in what you wear, not exactly what you’re wearing.
    It’s crazy to think that we literally had complete opposite experiences. Super interesting to read though!

    Melina |

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