The Disney Tag…


Hello lovelies! With the recent release of The Incredibles 2 this weekend, (which was fabulous- go see it ASAP) I thought it was perfect timing for the Disney tag! I hope you enjoy!😀

Favorite Animated Disney film?

The Lion King or Lilo and Stitch!🌺

Disney Land or Disney World?

I’ve been to Disneyland once and Disney World twice… and I prefer Disney World!🌎

Favorite Disney character?

Minnie Mouse!❤️

Best Disney pet?

Stitch. Is that even a question?

Favorite Disney romance?

Mickey & Minnie- CLASSIC!🖤

Favorite Disney Park?

I love different things about each park, but Hollywood Studios is my favorite I think!🏰

Favorite Disney princess?


Best Disney sidekick?

Pascal or Olaf!☃️

Favorite Disney Pixar movie?

Monsters University or Bugs Life!🐜

Favorite Disney soundtrack?

The Lion King!🦁

Favorite Disney villain?

Maleficent (except she’s not really a villain which is why I like her best)!😈

Any Disney collections?

I collect Disney trading pins and they are the cutest! I get new ones every time I go.😍

I think I may do another Disney tag soon based around DCOMs! What do you guys think?

Also, leave some of your answers to these questions in the comments below! I would love to hear some of your Disney favorites!☺️ XOXO


13 thoughts on “The Disney Tag…

    1. Oh, so exciting! That’s what my parents did! I was 8 for Disneyland, 10 for Disney World the first time and then 18 the second time. I remember it all really well!😊 —Emily Ryann


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