Plan With Me…


Hello lovelies! Today I’m going to be talking about how I plan my week.

I use a weekly planner from Barnes & Noble. These have proven to be my favorite time and time again! I recommend the hard cover planners with the page corners that tear out so you don’t lose your place.

I also use the Pilot G2 gel pens to write with in my planner and color coordinate my events!

Let’s get into how I plan my week!

Every Sunday I open my planner and check to make sure that everything from the previous week has been accomplished and crossed off.

Since my planner has a purple background, I use my purple pen to write down my everyday personal events! This category includes date nights, family events, doctor appointments, etc.

At the beginning of every school semester I assign each class that I’m taking a certain color pen. As I write down assignments for the week, I am able to keep track of which class is which because of their color! I’ve found color coordinating my planner to be extremely helpful.

Lastly, I write down anything that I need to remember for the week in my reminders/notes section.

As the week goes by I cross off my accomplishments and completed events with a black pen.

This has been the planning method that makes me feel the most prepared and the least stressed!

What do you all do to plan your week? I’d love to hear about it- leave it in the comments below!📚


12 thoughts on “Plan With Me…

  1. I loved reading about how you plan your week! I have always been a planner and lived by my planner for years. I live with a chronic illness and just started planning a bullet journal that I have heard so much about. It seems like a good way to track various symptoms that I experience. I did not want to start it at the end of a month, but probably should have. I am going to officially start it July 1st! Have you heard anything about these? I am really looking forward to reading more of your fabulous posts!! I hope if you have the time you will check out my site. I always aim to inspire and encourage others through the words I write! I hope you have a great day!!

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    1. Yeah I think a bullet journal is an excellent idea!😀 I hear about those all the time and they seem to be really effective for tracking things like habits or even symptoms you may be experiencing. I will certainly check out your site, thanks for stopping by!☺️ —Emily Ryann

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      1. Thank you Emily for this comment! I am hoping that a bullet journal will be effective for tracking various things like symptoms, foods I eat that might be an issue, feelings etc! I hope when you do check out my site you will find it interesting! I am really looking forward to more of your fantastic posts!

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  2. Hi Emily 😊. As promised I have followed you. Wow your blog looks amazing !! I will explore further soon and let you know ok 😇. Please stay in touch with me. I hope we can be good friends if you don’t mind 😇


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