Qualities of a Godly Friend…

Qualitiesof aGodly Friend.png

They Don’t Compete

This is one of the most important quality that I look for in the friendships that surround me. You want friends in your life who will stand on the sidelines cheering for you, even if they are not in the race themselves. You don’t need someone in your life who is always trying to “one up” you.

They Are Loyal Behind Your Back

Gossip is not great, but it is inevitable. You want friends who will stand up for you, or shut the gossip down before it starts. Anyone can be loyal to your face, but it takes a true friend to be loyal behind your back.

They Are Honest

We all get ahead of ourselves at times. You need a friend who can be honest with you and bring you back down to earth when you are not acting like your normal self. Many people may try to “call you out” or become frustrated and resent you. However, a true friend will confront problems with maturity, unconditional love, and support.

They Are Empathetic

There is a difference between standing outside of the drinking well, telling the person at the bottom that you know what they are going through… and actually climbing in the drinking well with them to go through those things together. Some of the darkest moments in my life became the most eye-opening. I knew who was there for me, because they were empathetic and not sympathetic.

They Make Time

Every relationship needs quality time to build a stronger bond and stay connected. Whether it is 2 hours a week just grabbing dinner together, or taking 10 minutes out of your day to make a phone call… effort is critical. Relationships will not grow if they are not tended to.

They Pray For You

Having friends who will pray for you and pray with you is amazing. You want a friend who listens to your struggles and triumphs, and helps you take those things to the Lord. The power of prayer can move mountains. A friend who truly believes this will change your life.

“A sweet friendship refreshes the soul.” Proverbs 27:9

Take some time to evaluate the friendships in you life… do they refresh your


A Weekend In My Life…

a weekend inmy life (1).png

Hello lovelies! Today I am going to be sharing something a little different with you: an inside look into my weekend! This weekend was extra special because it was Mother’s Day (and my mom is the greatest)- so I am SUPER EXCITED to tell you all about it!

Let’s get into it:


Technically Thursday isn’t a weekend day, but I added it to this post because I had a lot of fun anyways! Thursday morning I woke up at 8AM to go to the gym with Troy. We go to the gym 3 days a week. We had a really nice workout, and then we came back to my house and had lunch outside on the back patio. After that I showered and got ready for work. I was just working a half day on Thursday, which for me is 12PM-4PM. After work I went to my best friend Katie’s house. We hung out for a little bit, went to the mall, and then decided to go get ICE CREAM!!! Ice cream is my guilty pleasure. I got the peanut butter cup flavor from Graters. We sat outside on patio and enjoyed the weather, our ice cream, and each other’s company. When we got back to her house, her mom needed to run some errands to get ready for her little brother’s high school graduation party- so we went with her! We went to the dollar tree and then to Katie’s grandparent’s house. I always enjoy time spend with my friends.


On Friday I worked until 4PM, and then after that I went to Troy’s house. Troy and I made spaghetti for dinner for the whole family! I was a bit worried because that was the first time we had made spaghetti together, but it was really good! While we ate our delicious masterpiece, we cuddled and caught up on all the shows we had recorded throughout the week. It was a really relaxing night at home.


On Saturday, I went to my brother and sister in law’s house. We were going shopping for our mom’s Mother’s Day gift and my dad’s birthday gift (his birthday was the 12th, so we celebrated everything on Sunday). We got gift cards for dad and flowers for mom, I also picked up flowers for Troy’s mom as well! It was SUCH a long process picking out which flowers we wanted to get (we were getting a variety- potted ones and the ones you can plant). We were picky about it, but in the end it was worth it because my mom loved them so much! Once we had gathered all the gifts, the three of us went to lunch together. I love spending time with my siblings.

After lunch, I went over to Troy’s and we got ready for our big putt putt tournament! We had a group of 12 friends who decided to make a putt putt tournament that was as serious as a golfing tournament (just for laughs). We really did take it seriously, though! We dressed up nicely, before we played we stood with our hands over our hearts as someone played the national anthem on a speaker, and we even had a trophy for the winner! Troy ended up winning the tournament, and I placed 7th out of 12. Which I didn’t think was bad considering I was the only girl playing. Mine and Troy’s first putts were back-to-back holes in one! We played 36 holes of putt putt and it was SO hot, but we had a really fun time. After the tournament Troy took me to get cold stone (I told you guys, I really like ice cream) and I got the flavor birthday cake remix… which is my all time favorite ice cream ever.

Troy went to hangout with his friends some more that evening, and I went home and went to bed. I was exhausted!


This morning my parents and Troy and I went to early service at church. The service was all about being a Godly woman, which really spoke to me. After church, Troy and I went to Sunday School. When we left church we got some McDonald’s for Troy, to hold him over until we ate lunch with the family (nobody likes being hangry). We went back to my house for a bit and hung out with my mom, and then my whole family met at my brother and sister in law’s house. We gave birthday/Mother’s Day gifts, and we had lunch together.

When we finished up with my family we went to Troy’s house and spent some time with his family. I’m not too sure the exact time that the festivities ended today, because Troy and I fell asleep! We must have been really tired from all the excitement!

Now I’m back home… in my bed… writing this blog. I had a really great weekend. I’m glad I got to share it with all of you.

How did you all celebrate your Mother’s Day weekend?!

P.S. Happy Mother’s Day to the most beautiful person I know. You are everything I strive to be. God has truly given me more than I deserve. I have the best mother and friend that I could ever ask for. I love you, mom… as constant as the stars above.

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A is for Autumn

Autumn is my favorite season… it is beautiful, it feels great outside, and I am in full on holiday mode! This is my favorite time of the year to decorate, too!

B is for Blogging

I never thought that when I started writing a year ago I would love blogging the way that I do. I have a passion for this and I hope this is something I continue to do for a very long time.

C is for Compulsive

I am extremely organized. I am a planner. I am a compulsive type A personality.

D is for Disney & Decluttering

I’m the lost Disney princess… you found me! In all seriousness though, my dream job would be to voice an animated Disney princess.

Decluttering is also something I wanted to stick in here because minimalism really changed who I am as a person. As I have gotten older, I realize that material possessions don’t define who I am, and they won’t be coming with me when I leave this earth.

E is for Eating

Who doesn’t enjoy eating and trying new restaurants!? Food is great.

F is for Fiancé

I may be biased, but mine is the greatest. I’M IN LOVE, I’M IN LOVE, AND I DON’T CARE WHO KNOWS IT!!!

G is for Grandparents

My grandma and grandpa mean so much to me. I cherish the time I get to spend with them.

H is for Hawaii

Hawaii is where I’ll be honeymooning next fall!!! I used to live there. I am thrilled to go back and show Troy all of the fun and beauty this paradise has to offer.

I is for Introvert

I am a super bubbly and friendly person, but I prefer small groups of people and relaxing at home.

J is for Jesus Christ

My Lord and Savior. His love is my identity. I am who I am because He lives.

K is for Kentucky

My home away from home. Kentucky is such a beautiful state, and my grandparents live there!

L is for Loyal

The older I get the more loyalty means to me. The most important thing in my life is that I am loyal to God, my fiance, my family, and my friends. If loyalty is not reciprocated, then I won’t keep you in my life.

M is for Mom

She’s my favorite human.

N is for Netflix

I prefer subscriptions like Netlfix and Hulu over basic cable. Nothing beats curling up in bed after a long day and watching Netflix! Plus… commercials are the worst.

O is for Ohio

Ohio is my home and will be forever. I want to travel, but I also want to come back when I am done.

P is for Pets

I have four cats: Boomer, Hooter, Bella, & Butters. I love how low maintenance they are and how affectionate they each are in their own unique way.

Q is for Quiet

Because I am introverted, I need peace and quiet (at home and when I sleep). Noise can really overwhelm me at times.

R is for Romance

I’m a sucker for love. My love languages are physical touch, words of affirmation, and quality time.

S is for School Counselor

This fall I start my internship at a middle school. And as of next May, I will have my Masters of Education in School Counseling!

T is for Theatres

I love going to movie theaters! My fiance and I have movie pass, and it is the best thing since sliced bread.

U is for University

I may have had a love-hate relationship with my University during my undergrad… but now that I’m in my graduate program- I love every second of it!

V is for Volkswagon

I have a light blue 2012 VW Beettle. His name is Herbie and I adore him. Fun fact: I won best car as my high school superlative!

W is for Wedding Planning

I’ve gotten a majority of the “big” stuff done for the wedding, but the detailed planning will start this October!

X is for Xanthoriatic

A word meaning: not that smart in one area, but good at everything else. My “one area” is math.

Y is for Young

I am 22, but people always assume I am much younger than that.

Z is for Zero Tolerance

I have zero tolerance for bullying, being rude/stuck-up, slobs, and people who shove political opinions down other’s throats.

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6 Year Anniversary…

NOT USED (28).png

For those of you who don’t know, I am engaged to my high school sweetheart, Troy! He’s my super hot, hilarious, best friend that I enjoy kissing.

Here’s a little rundown of how it all went down:

We were best friends throughout middle school and then in the summer of 2010 before we started high school he told me he was in love with me.

But we were still young and figuring things out… so we didn’t start officially dating until April 21st, 2012.

5 years and 8 months later, he asked me to marry him. OF COURSE I SAID YES! Actually, my exact words were “I GET TO BE YOUR WIFE!!!”

2 (2).JPG
Throwback to 2009 when Troy & I were 7th grade besties!

Here are some random facts about us:

We Met: In 7th grade math class

We dated for: 5 years & 8 months

We have been engaged for: 4 months

On our first date: We had spaghetti for dinner with his family at his house

Our first kiss: Was in the mall

Here are some random facts about Troy:

His favorite restaurants are: Buffalo Wild Wings, & Red Robin

His favorite drink is: Diet Mountain Dew

His favorite sweets are: Anything chocolate… cake, ice cream, & Hershey pie

His favorite tv shows are: Entourage, & Drake and Josh

His favorite movies are: Fever Pitch, & Entourage

In his free time he likes to: Play video games

His fears are: Being unsuccessful, & spiders

His goals are: Living a successful, healthy life with his fiancé (aww💕)

His passions are: Sports

His pet peeves are: Unnecessary cursing, & baby talk

He would like to travel to: Ireland

His favorite things about “us” are: We are open with each other, we always take each other into consideration, we have good communication, & we’re genuinely best friends (OMG- So cute!☺️)

Here’s how we celebrated the best 6 years of our lives so far:

Troy and I did not have this day planned out. We decided not to do gifts because, like I said in last year’s anniversary blog, we prefer experiences together over material gifts. However, he did bring me a slushie when he came to pick me up (brownie points for Troy).

First thing yesterday afternoon we drove into town and as we drove we talked about what we wanted to do that day. Which was basically a lot of “You pick”… “No, you pick”! Then Troy got hungry, so we went to Burger King and sat in the parking lot watching traffic as he ate lunch. Honestly, I could watch paint dry on a wall with him and still have a great time.

Then my mom called us and she asked us if we could come home and help her look for Bella (one of my cats). In our family, our pets are very valuable members… so everyone was really overwhelmed and worried trying to find her. We looked for 2 hours! We searched the entire house up and down and even went around our neighborhood. When we returned home from searching the neighborhood, she was sitting at the top of our stairs just looking at us- and we still don’t know where she was hiding!!! But all that matters is that she was safe and in our home.

Once we found Bella, Troy and I went back to his house to watch the first Super Troopers movie because I had never seen it. We cuddled as we watched the movie and enjoyed our relaxing afternoon after that rigorous cat search.

Around 6:00PM that evening we went to Red Lobster for dinner. I love this restaurant, but Troy doesn’t enjoy seafood so he just gets steak. I had shrimp linguine Alfredo, a side salad, cheddar biscuits, and a strawberry daiquiri! I think it is so sweet that he is willing to go eat there even though it isn’t his favorite. Dinner was delicious!

As we were eating, two of Troy’s buddies called him and asked if we wanted to go play putt-putt with them- so after dinner we did! I almost beat all three of the boys, I only lost by one stroke *pats self on the back*.

We had planned to meet up with one of our close couple friends to go see Super Troopers 2 that night, and the two friends we were putt-putting with were going to the exact same movie… so we all went together! The second Super Troopers was funnier than the first one (but beware there is unnecessary nudity in one scene). Finally, to end our night, all 6 of us went back to one of our friend’s house and played board games until 3AM.

We had a wonderful anniversary. It was casual, fun, and we got to spend time laughing with each other and hanging out with friends. These past 6 years with Troy have been the best 6 years of my life. It’s crazy to think that we only have one more “dating” anniversary to celebrate until we get married!

I am one lucky girl. 6 years down, forever to go.😍💍

Flash-forward to yesterday on our 6 year anniversary!

1 Year Blog Anniversary…

NOT USED (1).png

WOW… It has officially been ONE WHOLE YEAR since I started this blog and found a creative outlet that I am passionate about.

1 year ago I deleted all of my social media. And although all of my social media was gone, I was still a creative gal at heart! I love to design, write, make lists, dream, plan, and journal. So, I decided to keep a digital diary…


Tomorrow will be exactly 1 year since I made my first post. I love blogging because I can be as private or as public as I want to be, there are endless possibilities for creative content, and not everyone and their cousin has a blog! This blog is my own personal space, and the more I add to it, the more “me” it becomes.

As of today my stats are:

  • 51 posts
  • 2,192 visitors

I am honestly shocked that I have the stats that I have. A handful of people I am close to read my blogs but other than that I don’t personally know any of my followers. With that being said, it has been a blast connecting with other bloggers via my blog.

I have never blogged with the intention trying to gain a following. I blog because I want to look back and read all about my current interests and adventures. I blog for myself, because I truly enjoy it.

Thank you to everyone this past year who took the time to follow, comment on, or even simply read my blogs. Your encouragement makes my heart flutter. I am thrilled that you decided to join me on my journey! God bless.

–Emily Ryann

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What’s On My Brand New iPhone X?


Hello, lovelies! Today I went to the Verizon store because I was switching to an unlimited data plan. However, the my camera on my iPhone 6s Plus broken and I was eligible for an update (with a great trade in deal) so… I got a brand new iPhone X! Woo!

I decided to go with the silver/white iPhone X and a clear Speck case.

The thing I am most excited about with my new phone is the sleek full screen display and the camera. I am PUMPED to use the iPhone X camera to document all the fun things I have coming up like my 6 year anniversary, Taylor Swift’s Reputation tour, a 12 day trip to Costa Rica, wedding planning , and MUCH MORE!

Here’s a peek at my phone and what’s on it:

As you can see, I do not have a lot on my phone. I prefer a very minimal phone with only my essentials on it! And because this phone is brand new, I don’t have any pictures yet for wallpapers.

I keep all my apps in one box (organized from most to least used) with the exception of my green communication apps that I keep at the bottom of my phone for easy access.

You’re probably also wondering why I don’t have any social media… I linked a blog below where I talk about why I got rid of all of my social media!🤓

It might seem boring, but it works for me! I’m so grateful to have such a cool new phone & I can’t wait to keep playing with it!📲

What are your favorite apps for your smartphone?!

Share suggestions down below!

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He Is Risen…


Easter is a beautiful time with so much joy… spring has sprung, the Easter bunny brings goodies, and most importantly- we celebrate that JESUS CHRIST IS RISEN! HE IS ALIVE! DEATH DID NOT WIN!

In case you don’t know the story of why Christians celebrate Resurrection Sunday (and the rest of Holy Week leading up to it), here’s what all the hubba bubba is about:

1: Palm Sunday

Crowds of people were anticipating the arrival of Jesus. They laid clothes on a donkey for Jesus to ride and laid palm branches down in the road for the donkey to walk on.

2: Thirty Pieces of Silver

Judas was one of Jesus’ 12 disciples. He went to the priests and asked the how much they would pay him to betray Jesus… they gave him 30 pieces of silver (not cool, Judas).

3: The Lord’s Supper

During this meal Jesus broke bread among his disciples, he told them the bread represented his body. He also gave them wine, which represented his blood shed for us (this is why we take communion).

4: Gethsmane

Gethsmane is the place where Jesus and his disciples prayed to God before his crucifixion (can you imagine the love Jesus had for us… to choose to be crucified? Or the love God had for us… to give his only son?)

5: Jesus Arrested

Judas told the priests that they would know who Jesus was because he would kiss him. Judas went straight to Jesus, kissed him, and the guards grabbed Jesus and arrested him.

6: Pilate

Pilate was the man who put Jesus on trial. When he saw that an uproar was starting with the people, he did not want the blood of Jesus on his hands. He left, but still handed Jesus over to be crucified.

7: The Crucifixion

Jesus was nailed to a cross, with a crown of thorns placed on his head. He was mocked and tortured.

8: Jesus’ Death

When he couldn’t take it any longer, Jesus shouted out for God to take his spirit. When he died the earth shook, rocks split, and tombs opened. It was finally was clear to the bystanders, that Jesus was the son of God.

9: Burial of Jesus

Joseph wrapped Jesus’ body in cloth and placed it in a tomb. He closed the tomb with a giant stone and left.

10: The resurrection

There was a great earthquake. The angel of the lord came down from heaven and rolled the tomb stone away. The guards who were watching the tomb fainted, but the angel spoke to the women who saw what happened and told them “I know you are looking for Jesus who was crucified. He isn’t here. He is risen from the dead, just as he said would happen!”

How amazing is it, that we serve a God who DEFEATED DEATH?! Not even death could overcome his perfect love… that is powerful.

You can read the whole story of Holy Week in the book of Matthew, chapters 21-28.

What is your favorite thing about spring time? Your favorite Easter candy? Or your favorite part of Holy Week?! Leave a comment below.


Listening When God Speaks…

NOT USED (31).png

During my final semester of college, I was taking a math class that I had been putting off throughout my entire undergrad.

There were only about 10 people in the class and every day I came early to ask questions about the homework because (let’s be honest) I stink at math.

Then one day, another girl in my class came early. I was sitting at my desk and I heard her tell the professor she missed the last exam because she found out her mom was diagnosed with cancer. She could barely speak through the tears in her eyes and the lump in her throat.

My heart sank. I remember feeling that pain with her. My mom is my best friend, and I know I would be broken if I ever had to go through something like that. I wanted so badly to tell her that I was sorry and that I would be praying for her…

But, I didn’t. No words came out of my mouth. I really did pray for her, though. I didn’t even know her name and I prayed for her, her mother, and their entire family.

I remember feeling this pull to talk to her every single time she walked into class for the remainder of the semester. I always pushed that feeling aside and continued on with my normal day.

Until finally, it was the last day of the semester. We had just finished our last exam and everyone was walking out into the hallway and moving on to their next destination.

I caught up with that girl and said “Excuse me?”

She looked confused.

I continued “I know we have never talked before, but I remember overhearing you tell the professor about your mom being diagnosed with cancer. I want you to know I have been praying for you and your family this entire semester. This has been on my heart for a while now, and I really felt pulled to tell you.”

Her eyes widened and she started to cry. Then I started to cry. She thanked me and told me how desperately she needed to hear that.

We hugged and cried together in the hallway.

I may have impacted her day, but she impacted my life. I will always remember that girl and the way I felt pulled to talk to her. I will always remember that feeling because God was speaking to me. He was using me for His greater plan, to be His light, and to spread His love.

The moral of this (very true) story is to listen closely when God is speaking to you. Do not ignore the Holy Spirit pulling at your heart. It will change your life.

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Why You Should Never Talk Bad About Your Spouse…

NOT USED (30).png

Hello, lovelies! Today I have another relationship post coming your way!

I hope you all enjoy!💖

Your spouse is your rock. The one who is supposed to stand beside you through thick and thin (and you are supposed to stand beside them). Here is a huge piece of a advice I read a while back, and it has stuck with me ever since:

“Never talk badly about your spouse. To anyone. Ever.”

I know you are probably thinking that statement is dramatic. What’s the big deal? We all need to complain sometimes, right? You’re just venting. It’s not like you really mean all those words that you say out of frustration.

Well, you are wrong. It is a big deal. Here are 3 reasons why you should never talk badly about your spouse:

1. No one knows your spouse like you do.

No one has the ability to see your spouse the way you do or forgive them the way you do. So those terrible things you vent about that you only say out of frustration… well, those things stick in people’s minds. Those people you vent to are not in love with your spouse,  they do not need to reconcile with them.

2. Word gets around.

The truth of the matter is that what you say will get around. Do you want everyone and their cousin to know about your relationship downfalls during a vulnerable time? I know I wouldn’t. People will think differently about your relationship when they hear you talking badly about your spouse, and your spouse will think differently about your relationship, too. Which brings me to my next point:

3. You will hurt your spouse.

Whether you hurt their feelings, hurt their confidence, hurt their reputation, or so on… WORDS DO HURT! A lot of the anger and sadness we feel is only temporary. Why hurt your spouse with harsh words over something that can be worked out privately between the two of you? Save yourself the drama.

The next time you feel disheartened with your spouse, remember that you can write those feelings down, pray about it, or talk directly with your spouse. We can honor our spouses and God by respecting them and lifting them up.

If the grass is greener on the other side… water your grass.

P.S. I also want to thank you all SO MUCH for OVER 200 FOLLOWS!!! I never thought that 200+ people would be reading my blogs. Your support and kindness means so much me. You rock my socks.😘🧦

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